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Types of Repair
(Broken Limbs / Fingers on Plastic Dolls)

    This repair type covers a variety of injuries from broken fingers to broken arms and legs and the repair method depends on the plastic doll material. 
Rubbery Plastic Dolls
These repairs are difficult and often impossible.  The rubbery material defeats most modern adhesives and fillers and so such repairs cannot be guaranteed to endure the test of time.  Any repair would not be invisible.
Rigid Plastic Dolls
As long as the plastic is not very thin then repairs to this material are much more successful and the repair can be considered to be as strong as the original.  It cannot be guaranteed that this repair will be invisible.

However, there are dolls around that seem to be rigid but while they are not rubbery, they will deform when pressed hard.  These are the type of dolls that are made from very thin plastic that has an almost "waxy" feel to the surface and it is usually limb joints (especially legs) which break or tear.  We've found it difficult to get a good adhesive bond to this material and coupled with the fact that the material is flexible means that this type of damage cannot be effectively repaired.