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Types of Repair
(Mamas & Growlers)

  Original mammas and growlers had a thin paper or rubber diaphragm and over the years this tears or, in the case of Teddy bears, washing makes them disintegrate.  They (usually) cannot be repaired.  Most plastic doll mamas are replaced by removing a rear cover.  However, some plastic dolls have mamas inserted during assembly and then the body is sealed together, in these cases repair is often impossible without splitting the doll open - unless a mama can be squeezed in through a leg hole.
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Fitting a mama in a doll with a mama cover.

Big Growler - 59mm Diameter, 60mm Tall Medium Growler - 48mm Diameter, 52mm Tall Small Growler - 42mm Diameter, 49mm Tall Mama - 47mm Top Lip, 42mm Diameter, 46mm Tall Small Mama - 43mm Top Lip, 41mm Diameter, 46mm Tall Squeaker - 56mm Long, 39mm Wide, 36mm Tall