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This 20" tall doll in crinoline dress was inspired by the painting " The Empress Eugenie and her Ladies-in-waiting" by Winterhalter c1843.

The flounced crinoline was popular between 1830 and 1870 but stayed fashionable in the deep south of the U.S.A. for longer.

This outfit has many layers.  A long pair of drawers with lace trim and a laced corset make up the bottom layer.  Over this she wears a chemisette and an under petticoat.  A crinoline keeps all the layers of the skirt spread out wide with a top petticoat with deep lace trim along the hem.  The dress is trimmed with lace, ribbon and ribbon flowers in shades of pale pink and pale blue and turquoise.
To finish off the outfit she wears an organza turquoise shawl round her shoulders.  She has a faux pearl bracelet and necklace and carries a bouquet of artificial flowers in her hand.  She also wears matching hand made shoes.
Cost of doll, complete with stand and special delivery postage inside the UK, is 95
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