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We CLOSED the repair service in 2009 and are no longer taking repairs.  This website remains as (hopefully) a helpful resource.

Hilary & Dave

    Below is a collection of doll, teddy and toy related links that may be useful.  However, there are still some dolls and teddy hospitals around who do not have websites.  To help you find somewhere nearer (hopefully) the best way of finding these is to look in your local Yellow Pages or if that fails then try Yell.com.  Yell.com Search now

    I have been running a doll's hospital for about 20 years now and it is a shame to have to stop but we were finding our retirement "hobby" was taking up all our time and we wanted our lives back.  So we stopped taking new patients in 2009 to finish a 2 YEAR waiting list (despite working all hours of the day trying to cope with demand AND trying to encourage customers to try other hospitals) and made the decision in December 2011 to close the repair service.

You can use the links above to see some types of repairs possible plus examples of past repairs to give you a flavour of what is possible, and a Frequently Asked Questions and answers page.  Although we are no longer operating a repair service we are leaving this website in a state where it can (hopefully) be useful for links to other hospitals, DIY repair advice etc.

Doll's hospitals are few and far between so I have built up a list of hospitals located elsewhere in the UK.  I cannot vouch for or personally recommend their services - if you have had personal experiences of using other people's services then please share them with me.  If you fancy having a go at repairs yourself then some really good suppliers are listed below.

At the bottom of the page you will also find some interesting links to Toys, Teddies and Dolls information and suppliers.

    Antique Doll Repair
Contact Dartington dolls hospital for the care, restoration and repair of antique, vintage and modern dolls.  Antique doll repair with doll restoration expert Frances May, focuses on dolls made of china, bisque, composition, hard plastic and vinyl for both antique and vintage dolls.  Antique Doll repair offers services from cleaning, restringing and setting eyes to rebuilding and restoring whole bodies.  Ask us about clothing for your dolls as well.

Web: http://www.antiquedollrepair.co.uk/
email: frances@antiquedollrepair.co.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1803 862930 / 07810 282391

Antique Doll Repair.
Dartington Dolls Hospital
Frances May
21 Newman Crescent
England. TQ9 6HJUK

    Ellie's Doll Workshop
Ellie's Doll Workshop stock a comprehensive range of materials, tools, eyes, lashes, assembly items and wigs.  They are able to offer a doll repair service, from simple restrings through to larger restoration projects.
If you have a treasured doll needing attention they would be happy to help you.  Valuations and insurance estimates happily provided.  Please give them a call with details of your requirements.
Contact Mike or Lesley Edwards on:-
Telephone: 01202 572626
Web www.elliesdolls.co.uk
Email: mike@elliesdolls.co.uk

1526 Wimborne Road
BH11 9AF

Old bears and soft toys sympathetically repaired and cleaned.  This includes any material based toys, gollies, dolls and cuddly toys. 
All teddy repairs except leather or sheepskin based as this will not sew once perished.  

Contact Susan at:-
Telephone: 01376 521230
Email: susan.knock@tiscali.co.uk

6 Elizabeth Avenue

    Dolls House Restoration

www.dollshouserestoration.com -   I have been building and restoring doll's houses for a while now from a studio in London.   I assess with the client how much of a restoration they want doing.   Sometimes they have vintage, collectible, houses which are still played with and so I am employed to ensure the structure of the house and to spruce it up, while not damaging its historical integrity.   Others require a full restoration where by I research the house and return and missing parts.   Even replicated wallpapers and paint colours.   I also have a flickr website with some before and after pictures - www.flickr.com/photos/dollshouserestoration.

North Yorkshire

Polly's Doll Hospital and Teddy Clinic

    Polly's dolls hospital and Teddy Clinic is based at Whitby, North Yorkshire and will ensure that you treasured toy will be restored to its former glory.  Polly can deal with every type of restoration from re-stringing dolls, replacing voice boxes and growlers to repairing limbs and bodies.  Written valuations can also be supplied for insurance purposes.

Please contact Polly on 01947 811145 or e-mail polly@dollieshospital.co.uk or visit the website at www.dollieshospital.co.uk


Wellfield BearsWellfield Bears


Based in Cardiff, we restore and repair bears with the minimum of alteration to their personality in order to retain the character and originality of your bear.  All materials and stuffings are replaced 'like for like' where possible.  For more information and to see examples of some of our recent repairs, please visit our website www.wellfieldbears.co.uk.  References are always available for our  work.

West Sussex


17 Junction Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 0HR
Tel/Fax: 01444 871052
All repairs to Porcelain & Composition Dolls.


The Rocking Horse Shop Ltd

Everything you need for rocking horse making and restoring.  Plans, manes and tails, glass eyes, bridles, saddles, metalwork, tools, timber etc.
The Rocking Horse Shop Ltd
YO41 5JH
Tel: 01759 368737
Fax/Answerphone: 01759 368194
Email: info@rockinghorse.co.uk


Diane's Dolls & Bears


Diane McGinley sells a wide range of antique dolls and collectable dolls.  These include antique dolls made from wax, celluloid, composition and cloth, through to early French and German bisque dolls.  Many of these antique dolls have been made by famous doll manufacturers such as Heubach, Armand Marseille, Simon & Halbig, Norah Wellings, Chad Valley and Allwin.

Diane also has a keen interest in British hard plastic dolls of the 40's and 50's made by Pedigree, Roddy, BND, Rosebud, Sarold and Palitoy.  She also has a small collection of vintage fashion dolls such as Sindy, Barbie, Pippa and Tressy and modern doll artists such as Philip Heath.

  Dolly Togs Designer Dolls Clothes & Accessories
Dolly Togs Designer Dolls Clothes & Accessories - Lovingly Created For Your Favourite Dolls - Please visit www.dollytogs.com

  Good Golly Miss Molly
Good Golly Miss Dolly sells 7"-10" / 18-26 cm vintage dolls, dating from the 1950's-1990's, and a complete little world for them to inhabit.  It's a world centred on little girl dolls, who wear gorgeous vintage clothes and live in rooms furnished with antique or vintage items.  Because their rooms are realistically furnished, the dolls can get dressed, read books, have tea and cake with friends, dig gardens, and play with toys - just like real little girls.

  Dolls house kits, Dolls house accessories & Dolls house furniture
Dolls house kits, Dolls house accessories & Dolls house furniture - Julie Ann's Dolls Houses supply wooden dolls house kits (including Victorian and Georgian dolls houses), dolls house accessories and dolls house furniture.  We also offer advice on building dolls houses.

  Rosie in Stitches - Hand-made children's toys and clothes
www.rosieinstitches.org.uk - Rosie in Stitches is the trade name for the charity Friends of the Rosie.
We make and sell children's clothes and toys to raise funds for the Rosie Maternity Hospital, Cambridge.  Accessories for all ages.  Commissions taken for anything.  Registered Charity Number 1036092.
Raising money to buy the medical equipment that Addenbrooke's and the NHS does not provide.

www.woodtoybox.com  Handcrafted oak toychest and blanket chest beautifully designed featuring carved wooden borders and lettering.  Hundreds of options!  Heirloom quality at an affordable price!.